Create a Configuration Item to Ensure that the No_SMS_On_Drive.SMS File is on All Site Servers

Recently a client asked, “How can I ensure that the No_SMS_On_Drive.SMS file is on all site servers?”

You need to use DCM, and over a series of blog posts, we will show you how to create a DCM rule to detect which SCCM 2007 Site Servers don’t have the No_SMS_On_Drive.SMS file installed on C:\.

Part 1 – How to Create a Configuration Item
Part 2 – How to Create a Configuration Baseline
Part 3 – How to Assign a Configuration Baseline
Part 4 – How to Create a Collection with Non-Compliant Servers


In today’s post we will cover how to create a Configuration Item.

Start by browsing to the Configuration Items node within the SCCM 2007 Console.

Right click on Configuration Items and select New. Next, select General Configuration Item.

Once the Create General Configuration Item Wizard is opened, enter No_SMS_On_Drive.SMS within the Name field and then click Next >.

Now, click New, and then select File or Folder.

Enter C:\ in the Path field and No_SMS_On_Drive.SMS within the File or folder name field.

Select the Validation tab, and change the Severity field to Error. Now click OK.

Click Next >.

Click Next > again.

 In the Applicability section select Finish.

 Then, click Next >.

Finally, you can select Close.

In tomorrow’s post we will show you how to create a Configuration Baseline.

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