Create a Collection with Non-Compliant Servers to Ensure that the No_SMS_On_Drive.SMS File is on All Site Servers

Recently a client asked, “How can I ensure that the No_SMS_On_Drive.SMS file is on all site servers?”
You need to use DCM, and over a series of blog posts, we will show you how to create a DCM rule to detect which SCCM 2007 Site Servers don’t have the No_SMS_On_Drive.SMS file installed on C:\.
Part 1 – How to Create a Configuration Item
Part 2 – How to Create a Configuration Baseline
Part 3 – How to Assign a Configuration Baseline
Part 4 – How to Create a Collection with Non-Compliant Servers

In today’s post we will cover how to create a Collection with Non-Compliant Servers .
Within the Configuration Baseline node, highlight the No_SMS_On_Drive.SMS item, right-click on it, select Create New Collection and then select Non-Compliant Systems. This action will open the New Collection Wizard.

Click Next >.

Click Next >.

Now you can select Finish to close this wizard.

Wait 24 hours to allow for the new DCM to be deployed to all site servers and for those same servers to return DCM results back to SCCM 2007. Based on the results, you will know which server(s) to fix. You can even get fancy and create an advertisement to place the No_SMS_On_Drive.SMS file on these systems so that you don’t have too.

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