ConfigMgr Role-Based Administration and Reporting

Don’t get tripped up by ConfigMgr reporting with Role-Based Administration (RBA). Let Enhansoft’s Chief Architect, Garth Jones, shine a light on how RBA works with ConfigMgr at IT/Dev Connections 2016.

In his deep-dive session, you’ll learn how to take your ConfigMgr reports and update them to leverage ConfigMgr Role-Based Administration (RBA).

Garth will start off his session by showing you how to use the report creating tools he uses every day (BIDS and SSDT-BI). He will then demonstrate how to upgrade an existing report to leverage RBA. First he shows you how to convert queries to leverage RBA and then he will convert a report.

Finally, you will learn how to submit reports to the ConfigMgr reporting site for everyone to use.

As with all of Garth’s presentations, he will close off this session by providing real-world tips!

More details about IT/Dev Connections.

Role-Based Administration at ITDev Connections 2016

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