ConfigMgr Documentation script v1.14


It has been an long time coming but the ConfigMgr / SCCM / SMS site server documentation script has been updated.
1.14 – Misc fixes.
1.13 – Fixed types Thanks to Jim Dempsey for finding them
1.12 – Add lots of conversion details such as 1/0 to True/False etc.
1.11 – Added site control file refresh
1.10 – Fully Add schedule token decode and update
1.09 – Added bit shifting functions
1.08 – Add Decodetext schedule Token
1.07 – Add Decodetext Function
1.06 – Add Boundary, Agent setting (HW, SW, etc.)
1.05 – Add Help, Added Command line options
1.04 – Changed Default Font size from 12 to 10
1.03 – Removed SQL Query for Web report, Added ReportID
1.02 – Fixed Basic site info
To download the ConfigMgr / SCCM / SMS Documentation script visit:

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  • Nico

    When running the script, I see the following in the DOS box.
    Checking for Other WMI Providers
    Found SMS
    Found MicrosoftIISv2 (Internet Information Services)
    Checking SMS WMI Providers
    after create object 0
    Gathering OS Information
    Gathering Computer System Information
    500 — Variable is undefined (labserver)
    Any idea?
    Tnx Nico

  • Jack

    Nice blog.. really like it..

  • Joe

    Nice blog.. really like it..

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