Computers Without an Application

July 2018’s free System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) report is Computers Without an Application. Get it here!
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Does your security team need to know which computers are missing the latest version of an application? Do you get asked by Project Managers for a list of computers that don’t have the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome, for example? If you need to put together similar lists then you won’t be able to turn to SCCM’s built-in reports because none of them will be able to help.
SCCM makes it easy for you to find out where an application is installed, but the reports won’t tell you which computers are missing specific applications. You can perform a quick search of applications in the SCCM database, but the results won’t display older versions of an application.
Instead you have to use Excel spreadsheets and manually put together a list of computers for a collection and then another list of computers with a specific application version. Next, you need to cross-reference and edit the lists which can make for a very time-consuming project!

Solution: Computers Without an Application

Computers Without an Application to the rescue! You simply select the name of the application, the version, and the SCCM collection, and then all of the work is done for you. The report lists all computers in the specific collection without the specified version of the application. You’ll also be able to see the last logon user details, and where appropriate, alternate versions of the application. By knowing whether or not an older version of an application is installed on a computer, you’ll be able to quickly determine which computers need an upgrade and which computers are missing the application altogether.
Computers Without an Application

Enhansoft Reporting – Computers Without an Application

Computers Without an Application is found within Enhansoft Reporting’s Software Inventory category. This category of dashboards and reports will provide you with information about your software inventory in order for you to understand it better. This category also includes reports about the Asset Intelligence (AI) data found within your SCCM environment.
Would you find it useful to have an automated report about missing or out-of-date applications? Then get Computers Without an Application NOW!
All of our free reports have the Role-Based Administration (RBA) feature enabled. This means that if you are using Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager or above, these reports will work with all RBA settings.
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