Computer Software Last Run Details

August 2020’s free Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr/SCCM/MEMCM) giveaway is the Computer Software Last Run Details report. This report is available in both Power BI and SSRS formats.

Computer Software Last Run Details

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Rather than buying more expensive software, like Microsoft Project, wouldn’t it make more sense to uninstall it from computers not using it? Reclaiming a software title returns it to the available license pool, maintained by the ITAM team. The team can then distribute the software to someone else who needs that software title. If this is done enough times, the licensing costs that your company pays are greatly reduced!

ConfigMgr does a great job of inventorying what software is installed on a computer, and with Asset Intelligence (AI) enabled, ConfigMgr does another great job of telling you when an executable (exe) was last run. How do you match a software title to an exe? That’s a big problem! In an ideal world, you would review a list of software titles not used in 60-90 days and uninstall certain titles from those computers not using it in order for the licenses to be used by someone else.

Here’s another example of when knowing this information comes in handy. When replacing one computer with another computer, most users do not know what’s installed on their computer, whether or not all of the software is needed, or when it was last used. Typically, users say they need all the software on their computer because it is already installed there for them. If you know, however, what software is installed on their computer and, more importantly, when it was last used, you can install/upgrade the software titles that they are actually using and reclaim all of the licenses that are not being used.

Where can you get software last run details all in one report?

Solution: Computer Software Last Run Details

Enhansoft’s Computer Software Last Run Details report matches a software title to an executable. It shows you when a software title was last used, so you can determine what software stays on a computer or what titles are reclaimed because they are not being used.

The information provided in our Power BI and SSRS reports is exactly the same, however, the layout of each report is different.

In the Power BI report, we take advantage of Power BI’s interactive nature. Using two tables, you highlight the software title you want to see more information about in the first table and all of its associated data (executable name, file version, user name and folder path) appears in the second table.

In the SSRS report, by using the “Collapse” and “Expand” radio buttons found in the top-right corner of the table, you choose how much data you want to see at any given time. You can also manually expand a software title’s row to reveal additional details. There are two levels to the expand feature. The first level displays the executable name, file version and user name, while the second level tells you the folder path.

One of the best parts about the SSRS report version is that, not only can you export it to a PDF and print it (the columns all fit on one page) but you can setup an email subscription to this report. Once a subscription is setup, the report is emailed to you at scheduled times. This feature is also available in a number of Enhansoft Reporting’s dashboards/reports. For more information about how to setup an email subscription, please see this post,

Power BI

Computer Software Last Run Details – Power BI


Computer Software Last Run Details - Collapsed - SSRS

Computer Software Last Run Details

Enhansoft Reporting – Computer Software Last Run Details

The Computer Software Last Run Details report is found within Enhansoft Reporting’s Software Inventory category. This category of dashboards and reports provides you with details about your software inventory in order for you to understand it better. You can even have these dashboards and reports emailed to administrators at scheduled times!

Would you find it useful to see a list of installed software titles and when they were last used on a computer? Then get the Computer Software Last Run Details report NOW!

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Computer Software Last Run Details - Power BI

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