Component Health Dashboard


Component Health Dashboard is a new SSRS report within the Dashboard category for Enhanced Web Reports (EWR)
This report is designed to show you the overall component health of your hierarchy.  ConfigMgr component status is reset at midnight, which means that if an error occurs between the last time a ConfigMgr admin review the component status and midnight, this error will be missed. In many case this is a non-issue as the error will likely re-occur thereby bringing this issue to the ConfigMgr administrator attention. However there are cases where a component appears to be OK when in fact there could be issues.  For example in the screenshot below you can see that AI_UPDATE_SERVICE_POINT on SCCMR2 and SMS_EXECUTIVE on WSUS servers both have status marked as “OK” and “green” but both have not contacted the site server in over 24 hours! So are they OK? Only you can decide that! Our report will help point out systems with potential problems and allow you to make an informed decision.

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