Comparing Application Model With Registry Key to Application Model With File Version

Previously, I published blog posts about how to use application model with a registry key to install PsExec and how to use application model with a file version to install CMTrace.

A question came up about which is better to use, a registry key or a file version, and why? There are pros and cons to each of them, so in this blog post I will compare them.

Registry Key


· Works with all files and is not dependent on file version numbers.


· Extra steps to implement.
· If the file is deleted from the hard drive and the registry key is left in place, it will never re-install.

File Version


· Simpler setup.
· Simpler to create the application model.


· If the file gets upgraded and there is a new file version number, then application model will reinstall the old version. This can cause an upgrade loop.
· Doesn’t work with all files, for example files that don’t have version numbers such as a host file or tnsnames.ora.

Which is the best to use? It depends on the situation. If you are trying to deploy tnsnames.ora then use the registry key. If you are trying to deploy winfile.exe then use file version.

I hope this sheds some light on which you will want to use for your next application model deployment.

Registry Key - FileVersion

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