Christmas Wishes and a Look Back at 2020

With the holiday season upon us, as the Chief Architect at Enhansoft, and on behalf of the entire Enhansoft Team, I would like to wish you a “Merry Christmas!” and thank everyone for your support over this trying year. We have been blessed with good health, and support from our families and friends. And, we have also been lucky enough to all work from home. Although, you will still find me at the office because my wife has “taken over” my home office.

Since we have been so fortunate, Enhansoft is giving back to our local food bank in order to support our community during this difficult time. We encourage everyone, where possible, to do the same within your communities too.

Christmas Wishes - Snowflakes

More so than any other year, this year has been a tough one for everyone. With cities, provinces/states and even country-wide lockdowns in place, it has led to many uncertainties. Members of my own family have not been able to work for weeks and even months at a time during 2020.

Personally, I miss not seeing my friends at conferences that I would normally see throughout the year. I’m sure that I’m not the only one feeling this way. Fortunately, we can keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter or on one of the many IT forums where you’ll often find me.

We are all thinking about our families and our friends, both online and offline. All of our customers, of course, are our friends too! As I wrap-up this post, I just want to say that the Enhansoft Team sends our warmest wishes out to everyone this holiday season and we hope that 2021 will bring us all closer together. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Wishes - Tree Decorations and Candy Cane

Christmas Wishes - Snowflakes

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