Changing the DPI Resolution with Snagit

I am in the process of finishing up a book on ConfigMgr and SSRS report writing, and my publisher requires all screenshots to be 300 DPI.

Like many people, I use Snagit and in Snagit 10 you could set an option to always capture your images as 300 DPI.

In Snagit 11 and 12, however, that option is missing and by default the resolution of DPI images is 96.

Fortunately, I was able to find an easy way to convert my images to 300 DPI and I want to share this information with you!

Start by capturing your image normally.

Now here’s the trick. Select the Image menu, then Resize, and then Resize Image.


Notice that the image resolution is 96 DPI by default. You can also see that the image dimensions are 6.98 x 3.07 inches, and 670 px x 295 px.


Change the DPI to 300 and click OK.

Tip: When you return to the Snagit Editor it will look like nothing changed. However, when you go to save the image, it will be 300 DPI. You can confirm this in the image properties. Notice in the screenshot below that it is 300 DPI.


By the way, the book is now available in rough cut format, which means that you can see it before anyone else.

Let me know what you think of it by sending me a tweet @GarthMJ.

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  • Dude II

    Dude, that’s not how it works. Of course on screen nothing changes but try printing it. It will be much smaller. You can’t just change the DPI and expect the quality to be the same.

    • Garth Jones (Admin)

      What is the difference between an image with 1920×1080 pixels displayed at a size of 21” or 6”? The answer is the Dots Per Inch (DPI). Will you lose clarity? No there is still the exact same number of pixels. When you use SnagIt, it grabs only those pixels, nothing more.

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