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November 12, 2020
How to Confirm That Hardware Inventory Is Working

Normally, we just assume that hardware inventory is working, but what if it isn’t working? Let me explain. The other day, I was helping someone troubleshoot why .NET 4.0 wasn’t…

Hardware Inventory - Local Only
July 2, 2020
How to Install the SQL Server WMI Provider

I wanted to install Ola Hallengren’s SQL Server Maintenance Solution on my lab’s Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). When I tried to install Ola’s script, unfortunately, I received an error…

June 18, 2015
How to Enable WMI Logging

One day, I couldn’t get ConfigMgr 2012 to inventory a particular WMI class. The normal troubleshooting routine of running psexec –s –i cmd and launching wbemtest.exe as the local system…

June 17, 2015
How to Use WMIC

In yesterday’s blog post, I talked about using Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC) to troubleshoot WMI issues. You might be wondering about how to use WMIC for similar issues, so…

January 21, 2015
How to Enable WMI Logging in Windows 8

By Garth Jones It’s a long story as to why I was looking at WMI logs, but the short story is that a client needed help with a custom WMI…