Category: Windows 8

September 18, 2019
How to Create a Collection for Workstations

This might seem like an odd blog post to write. Why not simply search for all workstations with “Windows 7%” and “Windows 10%” in your query? Once you have this…

March 23, 2017
AVMA License Keys for Windows Server 2016

By Garth Jones What are Automatic Virtual Machine Activation (AVMA) license keys? AVMA license keys are used to license virtual machines (VMs) hosted on Windows Server 2016 or 2012 R2….

February 9, 2017
Windows Experience Index in Windows 10

By Garth Jones I love Windows Experience Index and I was truly sad to see that Microsoft removed it from Windows 8.1. Why did I love it? Well, ask any…

July 26, 2016
How to Download and Install ADK 8.1 for Use within a Disconnected Environment

By Garth Jones Earlier this year I setup a disconnected environment to install System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) where the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows…

July 14, 2016
Creating a Standalone VHD

By Joseph Yedid I recently had the need to backup some files before upgrading a system to Windows 10. These files were going to be stored off-site and needed a…

July 12, 2016
How to Back-up in Windows 8.1

By Joseph Yedid Recently I was asked to back-up a laptop in order for the data to be retained and the system to be repurposed. As it was a Windows…

November 5, 2015
Migrating from FRS to DFSR

By Joseph Yedid Recently I noticed that there were some errors in my OpsMan environment that needed my attention. After further inspection, it looked like I was having some GPO…

June 25, 2015
How to Deploy an Application with Different Deployment Types

By Garth Jones As you may recall, I am starting to manage my collection of mobile devices by using Intune with ConfigMgr 2012 (CM12), and one of my tests involved…

June 24, 2015
How to Add a Third Deployment Type (Windows 8.x) to an Existing Application

By Garth Jones I am starting to manage my collection of mobile devices by using Intune with ConfigMgr 2012 (CM12), and one of my tests involved deploying applications to these…

January 21, 2015
How to Enable WMI Logging in Windows 8

By Garth Jones It’s a long story as to why I was looking at WMI logs, but the short story is that a client needed help with a custom WMI…