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October 21, 2020
How to Get a PFX Certificate for CMG

A while back, I was trying to get Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) setup. I reviewed the docs for CMG and understood that it was best to use a server authentication…

Certificate Export
October 14, 2020
Display a Date in a Text Box

The idea for this blog post was on my list of “things to do” for quite a while. Why? Again, and again, I saw comments such as, “My date is…

Display a Date - Date Format Report
October 6, 2020
What is the Most Cost Effective Computer Replacement Plan?

Let’s face it, most IT people are not finance-savvy; however, they deal with financial issues on a daily basis. What do I mean? It’s the IT pros who generally are…

Computer Replacement Plan - Laptop
September 29, 2020
How to Query a Tesla with PowerShell

As some of you might know, I needed to replace my car, so I replaced it with a Tesla Model 3 (base model). There is a long story about why…

Tesla with PowerShell - Settings - Featured Image
September 23, 2020
How to Download a Software Update Outside of the SCCM Console

The other day a question came up within one of the forums that I follow about an ADR failing to download a software update. This was my first question, “Can…

Download a Software Update - Properties