Category: RBA

August 21, 2019
No Rows – What It Is and Why You Should Use It

Instead of showing empty report sections because a query produced no results, I wanted to add some text to explain the outcome. I turned to an option called, No Rows,…

July 10, 2019
RBA and Non-RBA Queries: When is Slower Actually Faster?

Up until now, my experience working with SCCM’s Role-Based Administration (RBA) queries showed them to be slower than the normal SQL Server views. My thoughts changed, however, when I recently…

May 22, 2019
What Are the Supported SQL Server Views to Use with SCCM Reporting?

Have you ever wondered what SQL Server views you can use with SCCM current branch reporting? You wouldn’t be alone in asking this question because the views are not clearly…

February 13, 2019
Non-Printable Characters in SCCM

Recently, the Enhansoft Team was made aware of an issue with non-printable characters in several System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) SQL Server views. What does this mean? SCCM reports with…

June 27, 2018
How to Start Editing SCCM Reports with Report Builder

Did you know that you need a Role-Based Administration (RBA) security role when you want to edit System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Current Branch or 2012 R2 reports with Report…

March 14, 2018
Windows Authorization Access Group, SSRS and SCCM

I originally wrote this blog post when System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager’s (SCCM) Role-Based Administration (RBA) feature was relatively new. Since then, RBA is now widely used, so I…

October 23, 2017
How Do I Enable CLR within SQL Server?

If you take a copy of your System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) database and put it on your laptop (or anywhere else) without SQL Server common language runtime (CLR) enabled,…

September 6, 2016
ConfigMgr Role-Based Administration and Reporting

Don’t get tripped up by ConfigMgr reporting with Role-Based Administration (RBA). Let Enhansoft’s Chief Architect, Garth Jones, shine a light on how RBA works with ConfigMgr at IT/Dev Connections 2016….

July 7, 2016
“Role-ing” with Role-Based Administration (RBA)

Role-Based Administration (RBA) is a great feature in Configuration Manager 2012 and above. What’s the whole purpose of RBA? Simple, delegated administration. RBA allows administrators to delegate specific roles to…

May 25, 2016
Want to Edit Reports Using ConfigMgr 2012 Report Editor?

By Garth Jones A good friend of mine asked me the other day if I had a RBA security role for Report Editor. I’m sure that I used one before,…