Category: Power BI

April 10, 2019
How to Install Power BI Report Server

Recently I was asked about Power BI Report Server and Enhansoft’s new Power BI reports. I didn’t see any reason why our new reports wouldn’t work with Power BI Report…

January 9, 2019
Top 10 SCCM Posts from 2018

With the start of 2019 in full swing, I thought it would be useful to look back and see what posts our readers found to be the most popular in…

January 4, 2019
Three More Reporting Tips with a Big Impact

Back in October, I published a blog post called, Four Little Reporting Tips with a Big Impact, and it got me thinking about other ways you could enhance SCCM dashboards…

November 13, 2018
Different Report Styles

Why is it important to know the difference between report styles? You need to know what style is best in order to display SCCM data properly. Reports come in many…

October 23, 2018
What Are the Best Report Styles for SCCM?

When I present at conferences, such as the Midwest Management Summit, I always get asked, “What are the best report styles for SCCM?” Another question I often hear is, “What…

October 10, 2018
Set the Page Size of SCCM Reports

I always talk about the importance of doing the little things when it comes to enhancing reports and dashboards and also when it comes to creating reports in Power BI….

October 4, 2018
Four Little Reporting Tips with a Big Impact

I get asked all the time, “What can I do to make my reports and dashboards better? What is the best reporting tip you can give me?” Here’s my number…

July 11, 2018
Seven Tips for Writing SCCM Dashboards

At the last Midwest Management Summit which was held at the Mall of America, I was stopped in the hallway after one of my SCCM reporting presentations. I was asked…

June 27, 2018
How to Start Editing SCCM Reports with Report Builder

Did you know that you need a Role-Based Administration (RBA) security role when you want to edit System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Current Branch or 2012 R2 reports with Report…

May 15, 2018
Free Getting Started with Power BI and SCCM eBook

As a System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) administrator, I’m sure that you get asked hardware and software inventory questions all the time. Then after you review the built-in SCCM reports…