Category: Configuration Manager

February 12, 2020
Unexpected Power BI Results? Turn Off the Keep All Filters Option

Let me begin by telling you how I ended up writing this blog post. It all started when one of my first Power BI report sets was still in development….

February 5, 2020
Why Am I Getting Incorrect Results in Visual Studio?

When I first encountered this issue, some time ago, I checked all of my queries in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and guess what? As I suspected, the queries were…

February 3, 2020
Computer AutoStart Software Details

February 2020’s free Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr/SCCM/MEMCM) giveaway is the Computer AutoStart Software Details report. This report is available in both Power BI and SSRS formats. Why do you need this…

January 29, 2020
How to Hide Unused Rows in a Tablix

Hi All! I’m sure that each and every one of you have used a Tablix at one point or another when creating SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports. All rows,…

January 15, 2020
Add Tables to the ConfigMgr Data Warehouse

Back in October, I was asked via Twitter, what tables (apart from the default ones) do I add to my Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr/SCCM/MEMCM) data warehouse? That was a great question…