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Mouse SSRS Reports

The reports within Enhanced Web Reporting (EWR) are grouped into categories; one such category is Mouse. Like all other categories within EWR, this one has been updated to include SSRS reports.

SQL Reporting Services in System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2 enables administrators to use the advanced reporting features of SSRS. Some of the advantages of using SSRS are:

· Report subscriptions allowing reports to be e-mailed on a schedule.

· Cleaner user interface

· Allows for reports to be exported to various file formats such as PDF and Excel.

· Allows for graphics and data to be intermixed within reports.

Reports within this category are:

· EWR – Count by Mouse Buttons

· EWR – Count by Mouse Name

· EWR – List of PCs By Mouse Name

· EWR – List of PCs By Number of Buttons

· EWR – Mouse Details For a Computer


Sample report from the Mouse category: