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Midwest Management Summit Session Voting

The team at the Midwest Management Summit (MMS) is looking for your help! In April they will start the daunting task of scheduling over 100 different sessions and they want to book the right-sized rooms. They are asking you to vote for the sessions that you are interested in. The more votes a session receives the bigger the room.

Once again our very own Chief Architect, Garth Jones, will be presenting at MMS. Garth is asking you to help out the MMS team by selecting the sessions that you want to see. How do you vote? Log in to your MMS account and browse to this page. Simply select the sessions that interest you and then that’s it. You are done!

Midwest Management Summit Session Voting-Right Now

What sessions will you see Garth at? They are listed below.

Garth’s Midwest Management Summit Sessions

MMS Tips and Tricks Showcase


This is YOUR opportunity to ‘step up to the mic’ and show your flare! Join this tips and tricks beer session to show off something you’ve created, enhanced, or taken to a new level (no vendor stuff please!!). We’ll post a couple rules and submission process prior to the session.

What you will learn:

-Learn about all the cool stuff that your peers are doing in Enterprise Management.
-Everyone has something to share, sometimes you just need to look around!
-Have Fun!


ConfigMgr Database, Query, Reports – Part 1


This is part one of a two part session. In this session Matthew Teegarden and Garth Jones will give you a tour of the ConfigMgr database and show you where all of the goodies are. We will then build a query to find all collections with maintenance windows, the maintenance window type, duration, start, and stop time. Feel free to come to this session with a request for your own ConfigMgr query! Note: Knowledge of T-SQL is a plus.

What you will learn:

-Become familiar with the ConfigMgr database and where to find information.
-How to write a custom report.
-How to construct SQL queries.


ConfigMgr Database, Query, Reports – Part 2


This is part two of a two part session. In this session Matthew Teegarden and Garth Jones will take what you learned in part one (along with the query we built) and create a report using SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT). You will learn how to create a dataset, use prompts, use variables, make the report cornflower blue (Fight Club reference….though we really shouldn’t be talking about that), and more!

What you will learn:

-Become familiar SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT).
-How to use variables in T-SQL.
-How to deploy reports to the ConfigMgr Reporting Point.


Patch Reporting: How Sure Are You?


Did you arrive at MMS last year bleary eyed from deploying WannaCry patches all night? How confident were you that all your devices were protected? In this session we’ll dig deep into reporting on software updates so that you will be certain the next time. We’ll review the built-in reports and discuss available alternatives. We’ll also demo a custom dashboard in both SSRS and PowerBI while providing tips for creating your own.

What you will learn:

-How to define compliance for your organization.
-Understand where the data is, what it means, and how to use it.
-What PowerBI can bring to the table.


MMS@Home User Groups!


Experience a mini MMS at home! This session is a great way to learn about local user-groups in your area. Join user group leaders and MVPs from around the globe as we talk about finding local groups, starting new user groups, resources available to all groups, and how to get sponsors to pay for it all. Already have a group? Come see how to grow your numbers and connect with other group leaders!

What you will learn:

-Find existing groups in your area.
-Learn how to start a new group.
-Tools, resources, tips and tricks available to all groups.
-How to connect to other group leaders in your area.

Hope to see you at Midwest Management Summit 2018! For more information, please feel free to contact Garth Jones @GarthMJ or the MMS Team @mmsmoa.

Midwest Management Summit Session Voting-Dates