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How to Enable the Collection of an Email Address in Configuration Manager

By Garth Jones

This request comes up many times in the forums:

How do I add an email address to reports?

Before you can add the email address to a report, you need to first collect the data.

In this example, the screenshots that I will use will be from System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (CM07), however, the steps are similar in CM12 / R2.

First, open the CM07 console and browse to the Discovery Methods node.

Collect Email Address - Discovery Methods

Next, double-click the Active Directory User Discovery item, then click the Active Directory attribute tab.

Click the star button.

Collect Email Address - Active Directory Attribute

Type mail in the Attribute name text box and then click OK.

IMPORTANT: Active Directory (AD) attributes are case sensitive, so make sure that you type it exactly, otherwise nothing will be discovered.

Note: the screenshot below is showing the WRONG details, Please make sure that you use “mail”.

Collect Email Address - Specify Attribute Name

Now you are done. During your next full AD user discovery cycle, the email address will be added to the user properties.

Collect Email Address - Mail Attribute

As you can see in the screenshot above, the Mail attribute within AD is now going to be discovered by Configuration Manager.