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Enhanced Web Reporting v3.09

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 collects significant information however not all of it is available via the ConfigMgr web reports. As well, additional information can be captured with some modifications to the SMS_def.mof to collect a wealth of information.





Sooner or later management will ask a question like, “What is our hot fix compliancy rates?”, “How many of X PCs do we have?”, “How many PCs are within X IP range?” Enhanced Web Reporting was created to help fill this void.





Enhanced Web Reporting (EWR) helps extend the asset information within the ConfigMgr database, then formats the data in easy, accessible, and comprehensive web reports.




·       Currently has over 90+ additional web reports




·       17 new or expanded categories




·       Ever expanding list of reports based on feedback





What new in Version 3.xx?




Version 3 is all about SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS)! All version 2 reports have been update to included SSRS. Some of the advantages of using SSRS are:




·       Report subscriptions by allowing report to be e-mailed on a schedule.




·       Cleaner user interface




·       Allows for reports to be exported to various file formats such as PDF and Excel.




·       Allows for graphics and data to be intermixed within reports.





What are the current categories and how many reports are there in each category? Check out the sample output from each report posted on the wiki site. Use the links below to see the reports within each category.








Future of Enhanced Web Reporting:




·       More Adobe reports




·       More software update reports




·       Adding a printer category




·       What would you like to see?





Don’t forget that one of the benefits of EWR is the ability to request a new reports. We look to YOU to help us create new reports. We consider each report that is submitted and evaluate if this report will be useful to others beside the requestor.