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Conversion Tools for Built-in System Center Configuration Manager 2007 ASP Reports

Are you using System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007 and are you converting the built-in ASP reports to SSRS reports? Have you noticed any problems?

If yes, then listen up!

Not all of the built-in reports convert correctly, so Enhansoft fixed 19 of these reports for you! They are available on our website as free downloads where you’ll also be able to read what we did to correct each one.

To give you an idea about what we mean by correcting these reports, let’s take a look at License 01A – Microsoft license ledger for Microsoft License Statements. Before using the conversion tool, notice that not all of the columns are able to fit onto one page, so this is what you see:

Not Using 2007 Conversion Tool

Now, this is what the same report looks like after using our conversion tool:

Using 2007 Conversion Tool

Here’s a complete list of the corrected reports:

Chart – Hourly advertisement completion status
Compliance 6 – Specific computer
Compliance details for a configuration baseline by configuration item
Compliance details for a configuration baseline for a specified computer
Computers with a specific operating system and service pack
Computers with a specific product name and version
Computers with compliance evaluation failures for a specific configuration baseline
Count operating system versions
Count operating systems and service packs
Hardware 09A – Search for computers
History – Specific task sequence advertisements run on a specific computer
License 01A – Microsoft license ledger for Microsoft License Statements
Management 1 – Updates required but not deployed
Scan 2 – Last scan states by site
Scan 3 – Clients of a collection reporting a specific state
Scan 4 – Clients of a site reporting a specific state secondary
Software 01A – Summary of installed software in a specific collection
Software 02D – Computers with a specific software product
Software 06A – Search for installed software

These conversion tools were originally released in 2012, so if you know of any other reports that need fixing drop us a line at Info AT Enhansoft.