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ConfigMgr / SCCM Documentation script 1.21

The ConfigMgr Documentation script has been updated again.

One of the key items in this versions is updating the boundary list for ConfigMgr. This version has only be tested with ConfigMgr. So this might mean that boundaries will no longer be displayed if used on SMS server. With that in mind I have left the SMS 1.18 version on the Enhansoft site with the old boundary method enabled.


‘1.21 – Fixed Boundaries and make this version work for ConfigMgr only now!
‘1.20 – interim release.
‘1.19 – more var issues. Fix issue with the alt username and password. (Doh!)
‘1.18 – Increased MaxCharacters 500 to fix Microsoft Cursor Engine: Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value. issue.
‘1.17 – Made sure that all vars are declared, added ECStr Function, update some of the debug code
‘1.16 – Fixed anther issue with username and password. Add more debug mode code
‘1.15 – Fixed issue with username and password.
‘1.14 – Re-released
‘1.13 – Fixed typos Thanks to Jim Dempsey for finding them
‘1.12 – Add lots of conversion details such as 1/0 to True/False etc.
‘1.11 – Added site control file refresh
‘1.10 – Fully Add schedule token decode and update
‘1.09 – Added bit shifting functions
‘1.08 – Add Decodetext schedule Token
‘1.07 – Add Decodetext Function
‘1.06 – Add Boundary, Agent setting (HW, SW, etc.)
‘1.05 – Add Help, Added Command line options
‘1.04 – Changed Default Font size from 12 to 10
‘1.03 – Removed SQL Query for Web report, Added ReportID
‘1.02 – Fixed Basic site info