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Advertisement Metric Dashboard Preview

Today is the last day of our Metric Dashboard series preview.¬ This series, made up of Advertisement Metric Dashboard, Collection Metric Dashboard, Program Metric Dashboard, and Package Metric Dashboard, is a new addition to Enhanced Web Reporting (EWR).

Advertisement Metric Dashboard shows the action taken (Accepted – No Further Status, Cancelled, Failed, No Status, Succeeded, Waiting, Reboot Pending, and Otherwise) by the System Center Configuration Management team in managing the lifecycle of packages over a series of months.

Each of the actions is color-coded for easy reference:

Accepted – No Further Status¬ =¬ Blue

Cancelled  = Brown

Failed¬ =¬ Red

No Status¬ =¬ Gray

Succeeded¬ =¬ Green

Waiting¬ =¬ Yellow

Reboot Pending¬ =¬ Teal

Otherwise¬ =¬ Black

This report demonstrates the level of effort that has been performed by the System Center Configuration Management team in the full life cycle management of applications deployed for a company.

Here is a sample output of Advertisement Metric Dashboard:

6 - Advertisement Success Rate Dashboard - New (7)