April 2017’s Free ConfigMgr Report is Count of PCs by Last Inventory


Thank you to everyone who voted in last month’s poll! The Count of PCs by Last Inventory report was the winner with 71% of the vote, so it now becomes April 2017’s free ConfigMgr report.

Make sure to request your copy of April 2017’s free ConfigMgr report by using your business address and emailing Info AT Enhansoft today!

The Count of PCs by Last Inventory report will provide you with the most current data about the number of PCs (laptops, notebooks, desktops and servers) within your environment and when they last reported to Configuration Manager. Most of your PC inventory should appear within the 0 to 30-day range. Besides knowing your PC asset inventory count, this report will also quickly let you know if you have potential problems with your environment. For example, if numerous PCs start to accumulate in the 31 to 91+ day range, these could be decommissioned PCs or there might be a problem with your management point. This information allows you to take appropriate action.

 Count of PCs by Last Inventory


Stay tuned because tomorrow we will preview the reports in this month’s poll!

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