Announcing the Release of Enhansoft Reporting

Orlando, Florida: Today, Enhansoft Inc., a leader in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) dashboards and reporting, announced that it combined Enhanced Web Reporting (EWR) and Monitor Information Reporting (MIR) into one product called, Enhansoft Reporting. Enhansoft Reporting allows companies to automate the collection of key pieces of information from every computer that would otherwise take time and effort to collect.
“The merger of these two products will improve the reporting options of SCCM in one package. By merging the reporting results of monitor information with, for example, that of add/remove programs and other hardware details, allows for all-encompassing reports about a single computer!” said Garth Jones, Enhansoft’s Chief Architect.
Announcing the Release of Enhansoft Reporting-Enhansoft Reporting

Enhansoft Reporting

Combining the strengths of two great SCCM reporting products into one extends their functionality. Now you’ll be able to leverage SCCM to report not only on software updates, but on the current resolution of computer monitors!
Enhansoft Reporting will help you to answer questions such as:
What is the patch status of a single computer or a collection of computers?
How many monitors will need to be replaced when upgrading computers?
What monitor resolution is a specific employee using?
It will also help answer security-related questions such as:
Who is a local administrator on my server?
What shares and share permissions are on workstations?
As with all Enhansoft products, Enhansoft Reporting works with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch, System Center 2012 R2/2012 Configuration Manager and System Center Configuration Manager 2007. Additionally, Enhansoft Reporting will continue to support all versions of SQL Server and Windows operating systems.
You can also automatically import Enhansoft Reporting’s results to configuration management databases (CMDB) such as Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) or ServiceNow.

More Details

Please see us at Microsoft Ignite in booth #1246 or contact Read below for more product information.

Enhanced Web Reporting (EWR)

Mine your SCCM data like never before! EWR provides you with useful and meaningful dashboards and reports. EWR reports are designed to remove the manual task needed to report on a wide range of computer items such as software update status, SQL Server details, local account details, share and share permissions, Microsoft Office installs, etc. EWR dashboards and reports can be used at all corporate levels. For example, management will be interested in seeing the overall software update (SU) compliant status and the service desk will want to know which computers need patches.
Announcing the Release of Enhansoft Reporting-EWR

Monitor Information Reporting (MIR)

Tracking computer monitors is difficult at best, but once MIR is installed on a computer, current results are returned to SCCM with every hardware inventory. By using MIR, not only can you determine the number of monitors, manufacturers, models and serial numbers that are in your environment, but you can also capture the resolution of each monitor. Knowing the resolution of each monitor has saved countless companies money and time. No longer do they need to assign or hire staff to visit each computer in order to find out if their current hardware supports their newest application.
Announcing the Release of Enhansoft Reporting-MIR

The Future

Over the coming months, customers will see a strong integration between these two products. Garth Jones stated, “We hope to get to a point where each original product is indistinguishable from the other!”

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