Advertisement Metric Dashboard Preview


Today is the last day of our Metric Dashboard series preview.  This series, made up of Advertisement Metric Dashboard, Collection Metric Dashboard, Program Metric Dashboard, and Package Metric Dashboard, is a new addition to Enhanced Web Reporting (EWR).
Advertisement Metric Dashboard shows the action taken (Accepted – No Further Status, Cancelled, Failed, No Status, Succeeded, Waiting, Reboot Pending, and Otherwise) by the System Center Configuration Management team in managing the lifecycle of packages over a series of months.
Each of the actions is color-coded for easy reference:
Accepted – No Further Status  =  Blue
Cancelled   =  Brown
Failed  =  Red
No Status  =  Gray
Succeeded  =  Green
Waiting  =  Yellow
Reboot Pending  =  Teal
Otherwise  =  Black
This report demonstrates the level of effort that has been performed by the System Center Configuration Management team in the full life cycle management of applications deployed for a company.
Here is a sample output of Advertisement Metric Dashboard:
6 - Advertisement Success Rate Dashboard - New (7)

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