Why does Monitor Information Reporting (MIR) v2 and below display more active monitors than the PC truly has?
This is what is called a false positive. There are many reasons why this occurs. The two most popular reason are when the OS has crashed and a new monitor replaces the original monitor or when the PC is imaged the active monitor flag does not always get cleared. 
How can I resolve this issue?
In MIR v3, a new feature has been added to help fix this issue. Launch MIR as an Administrator on the local PC, from the File menu and select Scrub, once the data has been scrubbed, reboot the PC to allow for the monitor data to be recreated. There is also a /Scrub command line switch that can be used by ConfigMgr to delete the display data. 
I don’t have MIR v3, how can I scrub the data from my PC?
For manual instruction on how to clean up monitor data, please see How to manually clean out the monitor data 

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