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September 18, 2013
How to Force a Full SCCM Hardware Inventory

In case you missed it, Enhansoft’s Chief Architect, Garth Jones, had a blog post published earlier this month on CANITPRO about how to force a full SCCM hardware inventory for…

Configuration Manager Trace Log Tool
November 12, 2020
How to Confirm That Hardware Inventory Is Working

Normally, we just assume that hardware inventory is working, but what if it isn’t working? Let me explain. The other day, I was helping someone troubleshoot why .NET 4.0 wasn’t…

Hardware Inventory - Local Only
October 7, 2020
Using PowerShell and Task Scheduler to Schedule ConfigMgr Inventory

Back in 2014, I published a blog post called, How to Avoid Receiving Inventory Re-Sync Requests for Snapshot VMs. What I loved about that post was how task scheduler was…

Schedule ConfigMgr Inventory - Task Scheduler
July 25, 2018
Using PowerShell to Uninstall Applications with Hardware Inventory

Last year I told you about how I needed a script that would detect all versions of an application on a computer and uninstall each version one at a time….

February 26, 2018
Updated – How to Perform a Full Hardware Inventory of a PC Collection the Easy Way

A few years ago, I published a blog post set about the easiest way I knew of how to perform a full hardware inventory of an individual PC and a…