5 More Must-See Microsoft Ignite 2017 Sessions!

By Garth Jones
I can’t believe that Microsoft Ignite 2017 is less than a month away! How can you decide on what sessions to see? In my first blog post I told you about five sessions not to miss, but unfortunately I left out a number of other great sessions. In order to make-up for this over-sight, here are 5 more must-see Microsoft Ignite 2017 sessions!

5 More Must-See Microsoft Ignite 2017 Sessions

The Johan and Mike Show!

I thought that it was odd that I didn’t see any sessions with Johan Arwidmark and Mike ‘DeploymentBunny’ Nystrom, so I emailed them and found out that they are giving three sessions at Microsoft Ignite!
1. This pre-day session, Deploying Windows 10 in the enterprise using traditional and modern techniques, is well worth your time, so book yourself into this one! During this session, Johan and Mike will also be joined by Michael Niehaus, Microsoft Director of Product Marketing.
Description: Windows 10 opens up new deployment options, while continuing to support traditional image-based techniques. In this pre-day training session, we dive into both, so that you understand the changes that Windows 10 introduces for traditional OS deployment (including building, customizing, and deploying images with MDT and System Center Configuration Manager), as well as new modern deployment options available with Azure Active Directory and Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools, provisioning packages, and more. We also talk about Windows Analytics and how it can help with your deployment projects.
2. Servicing Windows 10 is a bit of a pain, so in this session, Servicing Windows 10 in the real world, Mike and Johan will show you how to make this as painless as possible and quick like a bunny!
Description: After over two years of deploying and managing Windows 10, Johan Arwidmark and Mikael Nystrom have a rich set of tips and tricks. The background? Once Windows 10 is deployed, it needs your attention. You need to maintain it, a process commonly named as servicing. In this session, learn how to deploy feature upgrades to existing Windows 10 machines. There are many tools with which IT pros can service Windows as a service. Each option has its pros and cons, ranging from capabilities and control to simplicity and low administrative requirements, if you already have Configuration Manager, continue to use it. If you are using WSUS, you can use that, and if you have nothing, learn to service Windows 10.
3. Do you want to become a Windows 10 deployment expert? Then this session, Expert-level Windows 10 deployment, is for you! Here Johan and Mike will perform a number of demonstrations in order to help you become an expert in deploying Windows 10!
Description: In the session we are taking OS Deployment in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and System Center Configuration Manager to its outer limits. Deployment tips, tricks, and hardcore debugging in a single session from industry experts. You can expect a lot of live demos in this session.


Many Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) will be at Microsoft Ignite. Apart from Matthew Hudson’s, and Peter Daalmans’ and Niall Brady’s sessions that I mentioned in my previous post, you also need to see these ones:
4. I love this session, What to do after Microsoft Ignite, from Shaun Cassells. Why? Like many of you, I was once required to create a trip report and give presentations to my colleagues on what I learned at a conference. I sure wish there was a session like this back in the day! Shaun’s session will give you tips and tricks on what to include in a trip report and how to justify why going to Microsoft Ignite is important!
Description: Meetup to discuss tips and tricks on how to share what you’ve learned with your community, colleagues, and boss. Create your business case to come to Microsoft Ignite 2018!
5. Cristal Kawula (Super Cristal) and Dave Kawula are always entertaining, so check out their MVP discussion panel about Windows.
Description: During this live Podcast we host a live #MVPHour twitter chat taking questions from all over the world on Windows Server. Join the conversation on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, at 10:00 am. Your hosts for this show are MVPs Dave and Cristal Kawula who are best-known for their worldwide MVPDays Community Roadshow. Topics discussed include Microsoft Azure, Windows Server, Software Defined Storage, and much more.


It is no secret that I believe that certifications are important to everyone! At Microsoft Ignite 2017, there are 59 sessions that will help you prepare for various exams! What better way to learn what is on the exam than at any official Microsoft event? Here is the list!
I hope you enjoy these 5 More Must-See Microsoft Ignite 2017 Sessions! I would love to hear what you think, so since I will be in the Enhansoft booth (1246) during the conference, I will be watching your tweets!
5 More Must-See Microsoft Ignite 2017 Sessions

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