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During the lockdown from covid-19, many people turned to game apps as a way to provide themselves and their families with entertainment. Mobile gaming, in addition to other types of video games and video game content spiked. Game apps became very important for individual users and all types of new smartphones.


It wasn't just that people were home and they needed something to do, it was that people were home sharing the same devices all at the same time while not everyone in the household shares the same forms of entertainment. In response to this, people turned to game apps that they could download on their individual devices.


Consumers needed ways to pass the time during quarantine and distract themselves from things that were happening in the real world and as such, video games, online casino games, and Esports created that much-needed distraction for everyone. In fact, the industry saw an 82% growth in the number of people who were watching video content online in order to learn how to play a certain game more effectively, and people who were playing games themselves.

Fun Facts

  • During the course of the lockdowns 82% of global consumers meeting people from around the world started playing video games and watching videos about different types of mobile games.

  • People who were forced to remain indoors started playing video games more often, with a 46% increase in the United States, 41% increase in France, and a 28% increase in the United Kingdom.

  • Similar types of online entertainment increase in that views for video game content used through mobile apps like Twitch nearly doubled. With pre-covid numbers around 13 million hours were watched for gaming content but after covid that number jumped to 31 million.


Millions of people were quarantined at home and started to play different types of games. The video game industry and the software producers for mobile casino games started releasing more and more titles as early as they could so that people could get their hands on mobile games. Never before have consumers had access to such a wide collection of potential gaming titles. 


While these titles may have previously been limited to release on the actual online casino website or directly on the casino floor for a traditional Casino, covid closures of traditional casinos and the demand for individualized game apps on phones meant that users could enjoy new games every time they played. This was a never-before-seen benefit to players who might have previously only enjoyed a new title released every few months and in the interim been forced to replay the same games over and over.

Mobile Casino Apps

Why have mobile casino games and mobile video games become more popular?


video games online


Online casinos like ArabicBet offer players a casino app they can download to their phone.  Covid brought with it a particular challenge which was that most people have one computer in their household if that. Students who were now taking school at home and parents who are now working at home may have brought home a work laptop or a school laptop, but these devices we're still very limited when it came to the total number of users in the average house.


To rectify that, most students found themselves taking school on a mobile device. Upgrades to newer cell phones brought better internet plans and easier accessibility to online school-based platforms so that students could read their assigned textbooks online, comment on black board forums, and of course complete and submit their projects online while at the same time attending Zoom classes.


Even parents turned to new mobile devices in an attempt to find different forms of entertainment. The limits in terms of laptops also applied to televisions which meant that a single television in the home was now designed to supply television viewing and other forms of entertainment to the entire household all at the same time. When this simply couldn't happen, parents and students alike turned to their individual cell phones for all of their entertainment.


Online casinos providing casino apps meant that anyone in the house of age could easily download an app directly to their phone and play their favorite casino games from their phone either in the free version or in the paid version. This offered yet another form of entertainment to help tide people over during lockdown. But more importantly, it came with an increase in lucrative and attractive bonus opportunities and the potential to win big.


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