2 Days Left to Vote for March’s Free SSRS Report


The voting in this month’s survey is still very close. Up until last week Find all PCs with Invalid Serial Numbers had a slight edge over Collection Dashboard, but now Collection Dashboard has the lead.

Currently, Find all PCs with Invalid Serial Numbers has 47% of the vote and Collection Dashboard has 53% of the vote.

Which report will win and become March’s free SSRS report? Make sure to VOTE today!

Find all PCs with Invalid Serial Numbers:

Find all PCs With Invalid Serial Numbers

This report provides you with a list of PCs with serial numbers that are invalid and therefore can’t be used to help track warranty information for a PC. Here are some reasons why you would want to know this information:

  • You’ll know that you will have to manually look at each of these PCs to determine the warranty details, or you might want to replace these PCs sooner rather than later
  • A PC on this list may have been previously repaired and the correct serial number (SN) was not updated within the BIOS and therefore you’ll need to send someone to update the SN within the BIOS (not a simple task)

Collection Dashboard:

Collection Dashboard

This report is designed to mimic the Collection Dashboard report found within the Configuration Manager Console with one key difference: our report will show you all collections including all sub-collections.

On Friday we will announce March’s free SSRS report.

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